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IT infrastructure and networks grow continuously within your enterprise. In Pakistan, normally the IT networks and power infrastructure are built without a long term vision. Without a roadmap, the capital investment into IT infrastructure and networks becomes an unnecessary overhead, injected with unstoppable daily resources impeding long-term growth for enterprise.

This is not uncommon, we at HISPAR try to make our approach more customer friendly and engage as much stake holders from customer’s end as we can to ensure that we both stay on same page. After rigorous planning and brainstorming our approach goes like:


Armed with specific set of expertise, our certified teams deploy your IT infrastructure (Active & Passive) as per the novel market trends.


We enable you to connect seamlessly with our back end Data center, to enjoy the most secured cloud services anywhere around the globe.


With our Rated-III Data Center facility, we offer you to host your equipment on dedicated racks to minimize your hassle of facility maintenance and hosting.


We help you design your network/power upgrade, our special teams can design and propose the best possible solution as per your demand.


With our 24/7 call center and support services, we improve the way you execute your business approach.

This step by step approach enables us to involve customer’s input stage wise and it also keeps the customer input considered and checked at every moment.

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