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APC Schneider Electric

APC - Schnider Electric

Hispar Network is partnered with France’s leading power supply company, helping enterprises understand the power needs for the corporate sector. Hispar has helped companies achieve near-0 downtime, enabling companies to expand on sustainable power growth. Hispar Networks offers complete range of Power backup and UPS series aimed for large and mid-sized companies. Currently, Hispar is utilizing the power of APC to set up Pakistan's 2nd largest and private sector’s 1st Tier-III data center.


Molex – when it comes to server and hardware maintenance, Hispar Networks has relied on long-lasting Molex components. Covering almost part of Molex, Networks built with Molex components of semiconductors, Fiber Optics, Sockets, Communication and control protocols; Molex is best in keeping year-on-year maintenance overheads low with lower risk of failure and total breakdown. Molex is Hispar Network choice for preventive technology enablement for data-centric infrastructure, which are to run 24/7.
Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless

In enterprise business setup, we offer Ruckus as network connectivity solution. With their easy to use Routers, switches and management tools like zone directors, it becomes easy for a network administrator to cope up with challenges. We offer with diversified options to our customers which enables them to choose from a wide range.


When it comes to connectivity solution, we have your back. Cisco is a world leading brand offering IOT services, whether it's switching, Routing, Video Conferencing Solutions, IP Telephony, Data Centers, Cloud or Network Firewalls. We have got special skills to deploy and integrate your network with Cisco. With our partnership status with Cisco, we offer solution based on new offerings in market with a foresighted plan.


Acer with its immense experience in market offers, Laptops, Desktops, Gaming PCs and tablets etc. have diversified customers count. We partnered with them to make our customers feel easy to decide what and how to buy technology products.


To run your business, there are few tools and equipment which are necessary to deploy. We’re talking about Desktop Machines, Mini PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers, and Scanners etc. HP has marked its impact globally when it comes to compute and systems. We feel immense pleasure to have them on board with us, with HP’s support we offer services and warranties which are globally accepted.
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